Is TikTok Taking Over the World?

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Is TikTok Taking Over the World?

Anna Hayward, Writer

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TikTok: The cultural phenomenon that anyone over 25 will never understand and that most of us don’t want to admit we use. Birthed from the flames of (an app we all want to forget), TikTok gave rise to and celebrated a vast (and surprisingly progressive) community of e-boys, soft boys, and of course, our beloved VSCO girls.

To be honest, I first downloaded TikTok a little while ago but quickly deleted it out of shame the same night. Low and behold, though, by the next week all my friends had it and so I got it again. Gradually, TikTok has become cool. Since then, this app has quickly taken over my life and left little room for homework. And I’m not alone in this: having talked to multiple other people about TikTok, they too have spent an alarming amount of time on the app each day, whether watching videos or creating them.

The Vine Effect

Perhaps the reason this app has taken off is its brief, comedic nature. Something I noticed immediately was its similarity to Vine. Both apps included short videos that are often put into compilations. And again, I’m not alone! I’ve seen compilations with titles such as “TikToks that radiate Vine energy” and “TikTok memes that make me forget about Vine.” (By the way, these are really funny; you should watch them.)

But the place where TikTok differs from Vine is its personability. TikTok has gone beyond comedy and now relates directly to its users. Examples include state-specific videos (check out the MA tag — it’s hilarious); sport-specific videos, and even LGBTQ+ themed comedy.

A Cultural Impact

The long term effects of TikTok still remain to be seen. It could gradually fade out of existence, be bought by Twitter, or still be going strong by the time I graduate. There’s no way to know. What we do know, however, is that TikTok has already left its footprint. It may very well be a marker of 2019. Of course, at the end of the day, TikTok is literally just memes and boys unsuccessfully trying to seduce people, so maybe I shouldn’t read into it all that much.

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