Do We Give Kids Too Many Trophies?

Jada Garnett, Editor

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Well, let’s think about this. When kids win, they get a trophy; when they lose, they inevitably get a metaphorical trophy. By metaphorical trophy, I mean sympathy ice cream from the parents or a pick-up trophy on the way home for “trying their best”. Is this the way we should be teaching our children? No, no it is not. 

If we give kids trophies for losing, that takes away from the value of the kids who are winning. Further, why would losing be praised the same way winning is praised? If you win, you win; that deserves to be appreciated. If you lose, it isn’t fair to get that same praise because that would be raising the person who lost to the same level as the person who won. Not to say losing is a bad thing whatsoever. It just seems that giving a trophy to the person who lost is teaching that person to think losing is ok, that there is no need to win. If you do not enforce praise on a person who lost, that will push them to be that much better and have them gain the drive to want to win more. 

It is understandable to feel badly for the losing kids and do something to make them feel better. However, we should all keep in mind what giving a trophy to those who lost is teaching them. Maybe instead of raising the losers to the same pedestal as the winners, we could do things to make the losers want to be better. I am not saying we should tear the losers apart and give the winners $1,000,000. All I’m saying is that in today’s day and age it is important that we uplift and encourage those who lost instead of masking over a child’s loss with a winner’s trophy.

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