Chloe Selavka, Contributor

I don’t remember much 

but I remember lights- camera-

 acting like I couldn’t feel whispered words in my


 –knives in a fight that I only brought myself to.

I remember clinging to a life raft

((until the ocean taught me how to swim)).

And I remember,

Somewhere among the chaos, 

  the waves morphed to zero gravity

and the salt ripened to champagne

and the seafoam turned on itself and formed the

milky way

and I was tumbling in the stars.

And the stars asked me to love them,

 and they looked a lot like lights- camera-


 they were twenty times brighter so I made my heart


“you don’t need to ask me twice”.

and the stars told me their name was “dreams”

And I flew into the music, my heart functioning as


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