The Life and Love Story of Bianca Reeves


Victoria Adusei, Writer

At 16, she’s found love, yet she’s told it doesn’t exist at her age. She knows it’s weird to say because it’s long distance and she won’t see him for a long time, but she’s found love and she doesn’t have to explain why. She feels it during her daily 2 hour phone calls with him. She feels it when he says he’s too scared to say he loves her. At 16, she’s sure she wants to be with him. She’s afraid to see the love she has as a teenage fantasy. The time it took for her to love this boy was the same time it took to lose him. The forces outside of herself, that control her mind, soul, body, and spirit without her consent, took her love away. And now she sits and grieves. Her pride prevents her from showing weakness. But Night comes around and as she chills in the universe that has filled up her room, Bryson Tiller softly singing in the background, her tears fall. Salty like the seawater, empty like her spirit.

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