Pointless Facts With Gaia: Part 5

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Pointless Facts With Gaia: Part 5

Gaia Knight, Writer

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Hello! Here we are at the final issue of Pointless Facts. Honestly, this feels a bit bittersweet. While half of me is desperately trying to avoid work and responsibility, the other half really wants to accomplish everything I have wanted to do before I leave. Of course, at the top of this list is annoying all of you fine people with one last list of fun facts. Thank you for encouraging this nonsense all year.

  1. The current location of the playground on Boston Common is also the former sight of the gallows.
  2. Watermelon belongs to the same family of plants as cucumbers.
  3. July is national blueberry month.
  4. Cats often have extra toes. Sometimes these polydactyl’s paws can look like mittens.
  5. Ernest Hemingway had a polydactyl cat, and said cat is believed to be responsible for almost the entire feline population in Key West. There are currently 50 cats living in his old home.
  6. A large number of lipsticks have fish scales as an ingredient.
  7. The Great Fire of 1666 destroyed half of London but only injured 6 people.
  8. In 1987, American Airlines saved about $40,000 just by reducing the number of olives on the in-flight salads that they served.
  9. Technically, all swans in England are the queen’s property.
  10. A sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds.
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