What I Wish I Knew Before Junior Year

What I Wish I Knew Before Junior Year

Anonymous, Writer

Hey friends!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your second year of high school, a year which I believe to be entirely understated in its level of difficulty. Sophomore year brings a lot of new challenges and confusions. But now it’s time to make the dreaded jump to… Junior year! (cue old horror movie screaming lady soundtrack).

Personally, the entire summer between sophomore and junior year I got asked what grade I would be entering maybe every day, and everyone I told, adults, teenagers, honestly sometimes even people younger than me, had the same response: “Oh you poor thing!” This was followed immediately by “Have you started looking at colleges yet?” Newsflash! I had not! So you can imagine that every time someone asked me that question I was forcibly ripped from my summer vacation and flashed forward two years — I saw myself spending my entire summer crying alone on the couch because I wasn’t going to college, and it was all because I hadn’t started looking at schools before my junior year.

I am here to tell you, don’t be like me. It’s absolutely no big deal that you haven’t visited any colleges yet, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you will go nowhere in life, like I thought. Another thing I wish I knew about junior year was that it definitely is hard, but it’s only as stressful as you allow it to be. Your classes will get harder and feature a lot more work, and outside that there’s the beginning of the aforementioned college process and probably new leadership roles within the Bancroft community like being sports captains and club heads, and, yes, it’s a lot. But that’s why you need to manage your time, and not put something on your plate because everyone says you should. If you plan out the enormous pile of stuff you have to do, it actually won’t be so bad!

Junior year is difficult, there’s no question about that, but it’s also a fantastic year full of new experiences and if you let it, it can become the most fun year of high school so far. There’s prom, Caribou (which is FANTASTIC by the way), actually having a shot at Mountain Day (even though I’ll be the first to admit there was no competing with the seniors this year), and something weird about junior year is that universally you will become closer with people you may have never talked to before. I can’t explain why but all across my grade this year there was new friendships and I couldn’t be happier with the state my grade is currently in.

So, good luck, have fun…it’s not that bad!