What I Wish I Knew Before Senior Year

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What I Wish I Knew Before Senior Year

Anonymous, Writer

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Dear Junior,

Oh, senior year.

I’m not even gonna try and get into the nitty gritty of all the details of it; I’m just going to focus on the two main things everyone associates with your last year in high school: Senior Thesis and the College Process. These two events are seen as the symbols of stress in seniors at Bancroft and the cause of senior sliding second semester.

What I have to say about these two things isn’t exactly advice — it’s more of an insider’s scoop: basically, they’re not that bad. Of course, everyone is different. I found the college process fairly stressful, and the senior thesis fairly easy; some people agree and some people were the opposite of me but I do have to say I haven’t found one person who found both unbearably stressful. I know it’s not the best condolence saying that you’re only going to have one big stressful project in your senior year of high school but hey, it’s better than nothing. I truly think that you’re gonna reach one of these big events and think to yourself, “Hey, it’s really not that bad. I don’t know why everyone always complains about this” which means that you’ll have the rest of the year to just relax! Well, maybe not exactly, but I promise you’ll be fine. Pinky swear.


A current senior

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