Is Private School Better Than Public School?


Jada Garnett, Editor

Private school is expensive, so it’s better than getting free education at public school, right? Wrong. You’ll get into a better college coming from private school, right? Wrong. Just because a school puts more money into educating their students doesn’t mean that their students will have a better future than a student coming from private school.

In the big picture, it is YOU that gets you into college, not the high school you went to. Sure, going to a private school can have perks. Sometimes, going to a private school can prepare you in different ways than public school can. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a good future coming out of public school. Every student gets educated and is taught by a curriculum. Therefore, public school is not destined to make its students lead mediocre lives and have bland futures while students who attend private school lead lavish, successful lives.

It’s a stereotype that private schools are “better” than public schools. If you take a step back and look at the big picture, you can see that this just isn’t true. Going to private school can let you have control over what you learn, prepare you for certain things in your future, and help guide you to the place you want to go. While going to public school can expose you to more, show you diversity, make you learn things on your own, etc. So, you see, public and private schools both have their benefits. However, one is certainly not better than the other.

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