Tutti Fruttication

Tutti Fruttication

Jack Campbell, Contributor

People say home is where the heart is. Isn’t it everyone’s goal to find a utopia where you can call home? Some people consider the Bahamas paradise, but mine is 10 minutes away on Goldstar Boulevard next to Austin Liquors. Since I found my safe place, it is only fair that I share with you: the Tutti Frutti experience. Tutti Frutti is one of my favorite places to decompress and drink bubble tea: so in advance… I’m sorry for fueling your addiction, but you’re welcome.

   First, entering Tutti Frutti feels like entering the gates of heaven. Tutti Frutti is the perfect environment with bright neon colors. The scent smells like the yogurt and candy which invites you the minute you walk in. Tutti Frutti is the perfect place for an Instagram picture. The bright and fun atmosphere leads people to believe you’re living your best life. The best thing ever is sitting down and observing all young kids getting their yogurt watching their parents yell at them for taking too much. Secondly this restaurant makes you genuinely feel like your best self going after a long day, the vibe; can make you feel all sort of ways. The old lady at the front desk reminds me of my grandma, and come on what is better than your grandma? My last and favorite reason I love Tutti Frutti is because of their tea, which is the perfect balance between an overpriced Starbucks drink and a fatty Dunkins iced coffee. In spite of the high expenses nothing compares to the taste of tutti frutti. Life-changing. Adding towards the addiction and depending on your mood, you can either get fruity yogurt with candy or slow-cooked Korean food. Although many might be judgmental, you can’t judge until you try it. Lastly, make your mark on your friends so when people think about you, they can only say you’re that Tutti Frutti addict!

Fun, fresh, delicious, and different, make that trip to your new utopia. Don’t you want to walk in that room with your bubble tea in hand while everyone has their generic Starbucks and Dunks while you’re high on the tutti frutti experience? Don’t go for me, the caring grandma at the front desk or the yogurt cleaners; go for your mental health and a new view on life.

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