Life Through the Eyes of Augustine: A Review


CJ Holmberg, Contributer

The prolonged and extensive wait to find a compelling biography is up… Confessions of Saint Augustine holds the ability to reel in readers through strong and intriguing points made in the story. The book possesses profound detail when telling the life story of St. Augustine and his conversion to the Catholic faith; he shares how his unsatisfactory lifestyle got in the way of his relationship with God.  While showing us how difficult it was for him to convert fully to God continuously expressing just how much stress it added to his life and what consequences he took for his previous actions. Although this book is a Catholic write, you can take his life lessons and apply them to your own.

To begin in the depths of the captivating life story, we can learn just how much you can turn your whole situation around. Everyone wants to change for their best, right?! Augustine was a severe sinner; hence, he went against the ways of his religion and committed crimes towards his God. He was going completely down a mistaken path and sooner or later could not find his way out. We all know just how bad it is to be stuck in a horrible place when it feels like no one is there to help. That was just around the time in his early adult life when he turned to God for help.  Secondly, we can retain advice on just how to deal with the immense amount of stress put on our everyday lives. Cause let’s see… who doesn’t have a lot of stress in their own lives?! Augustine struggled through his conversion and becomes lost, arriving back where he started in the dark depths of sin and struggle. He begins to pull out hair and cry himself to sleep at night. However, God stayed by his side to make sure to push him in guidance to the life he wants to live. Between the thick and thin moments in his life Augustine never gave up on his dreams, which humanity could intriguingly use and apply to their own lives.  No matter how bad or low your life may seem, you have to keep your dreams in arms reach. Finally, readers can take away a certain mindset set from this biography. Augustine saw how much his lifestyle was affecting the people who he loved most and how badly it incapacitated everyone around him. Students and adults really have the ability to take this section of the book into deeper context and apply it. Remove bad habits you may have and see the greater picture of how they may affect the people you care for. We learn that sometimes life is not always about how bad one time period may be perceived, instead you have to keep your mind on the superlatives to come.

You can take away many of the strong life lessons that Augustine faced and how he stood up to the problems in conflict with his everyday life. I robustly encourage all to come in contact with this captivating story of Saint Augustine and his extraordinary interaction with God.

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