The Coolest Budget Laptop in Town

The Coolest Budget Laptop in Town

Braman Cronin, Contributor

The DELL Inspiron 5576 is a great budget laptop with high graphics and good processing power. For only 700$ this pc comes with a backlit keyboard, upgradable RAM, a great trackpad, and good graphics cards. Specs are all well and good but how does this computer actually feel to use? To be completely honest, at first I had my doubts, and I did not think it would make the cut. Despite my initial hesitancy, the more I used it, the more I became aware of how great this pc really is.

The first thing I noticed about functionality and use for this computer was that the trackpad has great sensors. The pad is better than most Macbooks as it can be pressed or tapped to “left-click” and is very responsive. The tracking is as good as pencil on paper and only messes up when the computer is running an application in fullscreen mode. For this I recommend a mouse… which brings me to my second point: this pc has several usb ports, an HDMI, an ethernet port, SD slot and a headphone jack (and of course a charging port). This allows for tons of functionality and possible upgrades. Because the frame contains an ethernet port, you can run this laptop like a desktop by plugging it into a WIFI router directly; the charging cable plugged into a wall socket will provide unlimited battery. The next trait that makes this laptop pretty decent is the size. This has a few advantages. First, it is not too large to be a burden to carry around. Second, the screen size is the perfect size for any use. It is not so big to overwhelm the viewer but it is just big enough at 15” across so that all fonts greater than 8 do not require squinting. Thirdly, the thick base has enough room for RAM upgrades up to 16 additional gigs. This greatly increases processing power to boost the computer’s ability to run most apps. Fourth, the keyboard is a perfect size as the keys are not too close together to the point where typing becomes hard. The keyboard also includes a full number pad and arrow keys. To top it all off, the keyboard has a red backlighting for nighttime (or to look cool). Not much to complain about here. Another great function of this pc is the audio. The speaker is exposed for better acoustics and on the bottom of the laptop is a small subwoofer for those sick beat drops. All in all, the audio is very clear. The final point that should sway your opinion is the graphical quality of the computer. Visually the graphics are just as good, if not better, than the audio. While the screen is not the best quality (to keep the price lower), it is full HD and has a decent refresh rate, which makes the screen great for graphic processing such as photoshop, video games, and anything involving images. The graphics cards included in the build also aid in this area as both are high quality.

Now obviously the laptop is built for gaming and graphical processing, but honestly I really like using it for anything. I find the screen perfect to look at for writing school papers (like this one). The keyboard is great for those long nights when that history essay is due. The amount of utility contained within this laptop is very useful. In fact, I am writing on it right now — go figure! Anyway, if you ever need a budget laptop but need something with some meat on it, the DELL Inspiron 5576 is a great choice.

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