The Perfect Pair of Shoes

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Abbey Cranford, Contributor

After many years, my need for the perfect shoe has finally been fulfilled. My white vans are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and not to mention that they go with everything. If I’m being real, vans, in general, are the perfect shoe because of their comfort and style. If you haven’t tried a pair of vans, you are making the wrong shoe choices. For me, it was love at first sight. Once they came in the mail, that was it: I found my shoes. I’m sure you will have the same enriching experience, once you purchase a pair of white vans.

First, white vans go with any design, any color, texture that you can imagine. Vans are so easy to slip on in the morning as you are running out of the door; certainly, they will become will become a habit instead of a thought about your shoe choice. There is no longer any need to fret about what shoe you will be wearing because you always know that your white vans will be right there to back you up. White vans, cherished shoes, are what make a rough morning a little better. Next, they are not very expensive, only 50$! Just think in comparison to other shoes you have bought. What about those homecoming shoes that you bought in freshman year that were $100 and have been sitting in the closet since the day after the dance? Don’t worry, you will get your wear out of your beloved vans. Finally, there is no breaking in period. When your vans arrive, they are ready for wearing all day. Do you know that pair of shoes, that feels like every time you wear them they still hurt your feet? No need to worry, these will not be your white vans. They are nothing but comfort from the beginning. Yes, I’m sure that people will think oh but they will get dirty and not be as nice and get worn down so I don’t want them. You’re wrong. They are worn in and not worn down; there’s a big difference: worn down it looks tattered but worn in it looks loved. And even though it may seem that the color has become less white, in fact, it’s the opposite and adds character to the shoes. Without a doubt, these shoes will be your everyday loves.

We all know that comfort always comes before style, but vans provide the best of both worlds. So, what’s stopping you now? Nothing, I know. Have the fulfilling experience of purchasing your first pair of white vans today.

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