Pointless Facts with Gaia: Part 4

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Pointless Facts with Gaia: Part 4

Gaia Knight, Writer

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As I sit here, desperately trying to fight off a head cold and finish my thesis before we leave for March break, I present you with the newest edition of my Pointless Facts column. This month’s contribution begins with a few spring facts, as I am very fed up with winter (as I am sure you all are as well).

  1. Easter usually falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.
  2. Spring is the most likely season for a tornado to occur.
  3. The White House Easter Egg Roll has happened every year since it was started in 1878 by Rutherford B. Hayes.
  4. The first recorded use of the phrase “spring cleaning’ was in 1857.
  5. Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853.
  6. March 31st is National Tater Day.
  7. It is technically illegal to spit on the sidewalk in Massachusetts.
  8. Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot had to be removed from his funeral after it would not stop swearing.
  9. An eyelash dye called Lash Lure caused sixteen cases of blindness and one death before it was removed from the market in the 1930s.
  10. Harvard Medical School had a fraternity in the early 1800s for the sole purpose of stealing bodies for dissection from graveyards.
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