“A Decaffeinated Run”

Serey Kremer, Writer

To anyone else walking their dog down the street or driving their fancy car, it probably looked like I didn’t know what towels or hair dryers were. There was a steady stream of sweat flowing down my spine and chest, making the pretty bright blue tank top I had just bought a navy blue. My once very high ponytail began to tickle the back of my neck as I continued my slow but steady pace up the curving road. In an attempt to relieve some discomfort I reached up past through my sweat slicked back bangs to tighten my hair tie. As I raised my arms up over my head the pressure constricting my lower and upper abdomen was replaced with a duller yet more manageable ache. I shifted over to the other side of the white line as a car found its way down the street. As it passed it left behind the pleasant semblance of a summer’s breeze. I wanted to yell a thank you but I could still barely breath not to mention talk. Every inhale and exhale was like breathing in through those thin red coffee stirrers that my mom used to get mad at me for sipping from because they “weren’t meant for drinking”, but if that were the case then why were they even hollow in the first place. I was soon jerked out of my thoughts about coffee stirrers as my left foot stepped on my right shoe lace. I landed on the hard gravel.

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