A Tribute to Black Culture, Black People, and Black History Month

Ayah Yusuf, Writer

This project is something that is very dear to my heart, as it should be because it took me a whole year to put together.
The idea behind the video is to show Black people as they live their everyday life. The idea is to give people a glimpse into the lives that we live every day. Rather than letting non-Black people fill in the gaps of what Black Culture must be, I decided to create something that really shows what it really is and how it inhabits everything that Black people do and achieve.
Watch with an open mind. Discard everything you think you know about Black Culture and Black people in general. Watch with the openness and the acceptance of a child. That is what this video is supposed to do. It’s supposed to knock down doors and contradict whatever you think you know. Allow it.
In honor of Black History Month, here is the very thing we’re celebrating from someone who is a part of it all.