The New XR, The Better iPhone

Ella Li, Contributor

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I have used so many iPhones since the iPhone 3, but nothing fits better than the iPhone XR. You are probably wondering why I would choose the XR when there are better ones like the XS, XS Max, or even X? I will tell you how Apple plays a trick, and how the tricks got my interest, and then you will go for the iPhone XR without even asking the Apple sales assistants.

First of all, iPhone XR is cheap. Can you imagine buying an iPhone in 2019 with only a little over 700 bucks? Although it is a cheaper version of all the other ones, it still fits all of your requirements for a “long lasting” iPhone because it was released after the X, and it nicely packaged the already-possible things from the previous versions. Trust me, you will feel like you only spent two-thirds of the cost of an iPhone X to get a better version of the X. The second reason you should not hesitate to buy this iPhone is its diversity of colors. This is the first time that Apple released a new iPhone with 6 options of color. You get to choose from the basic colors and blue, yellow, coral and red. Because of this variety of choices, everyone can find the perfect color for your new iPhone. Remember the iPhone 5C that also had bright colors but the back was made of plastic? The XR has not only more colors, its material is also very impressive. The iPhone XR is made of the same material with the other new ones, and it has the new wireless charging glass back. Compared to the XS, the stainless steel of the XS does look a little fancier, but it is much heavier than the XR. I bet no one wants their pocket to be heavy. The most critical reason to purchase the newest affordable iPhone model is always about its functions.The XR contains Face ID, the touch-to-wake display, and the strong camera. Some people argue my point of this perfect iPhone being the best combinations of the best functions, and they say that the XR’s camera is not as good as the dual-lens camera. What this argument fails to consider is that compared to the X and XS, the XR’s single-lens camera contains a wide-angle lens that fixed the narrow angle of the dual-lens. I know the cheap price may scare a lot of people off, but I promise that this iPhone XR does possess all of the necessary advantages of all of the past iPhones.

Buying an iPhone XR made my life easier; because I no longer need to anticipate the next new iPhone release, I no longer need to struggle with which iPhone I want. Do I go with the better price, or the better color, or the better functions? These kind of questions no longer bother me. If you do not believe me, then go buy one, and you will thank me on convincing you buy the XR before you waste all your money and anticipation on the XS.

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