How Much is Too Much Santa?


Fiona Healy, Writer

Okay, so who here has ever actually wanted to see Santa before the Christmas season?  

If you just raised your hand – get out.  

Whyyyy??? Santa is for the Christmas Season!! Why would you want to see him before Thanksgiving???????? I went to the mall the day before Thanksgiving, and I saw, sticking through the second floor, the giant Christmas tree and jolly old Santa and all those (tall) elves and uugh!!  It just gets on my nerves when Christmas stuff is out before Thanksgiving. I will accept it if the mall people were to put Santa out at the earliest the day after Thanksgiving, but the day before? Or it could have even been there for longer? Unacceptable.

Fall doesn’t even technically end until December 21!! I know it’s only four days, but that is when people should really be celebrating Winter.  Well, I’m the kind of person whose family gets their Christmas Tree only two weeks before the holiday, but still. Winter holidays should be celebrated IN winter. There isn’t even snow on the ground!!!  Those blow-up snowmen make NO sense right now! You know when they will make sense? In winter!!! On the way to a speech tournament, I saw a blow up snowman on its face, and I like to think that it agrees with me and doesn’t want to exist before there’s snow (since it wouldn’t make sense).  

If you did not raise your hand – good for you!  You’re rational! And can stay…

Who would ever actually want to see Santa before the Christmas season? Maybe they just think they do, you know? Just subversively lying to themselves so that they don’t feel badly for not wanting to celebrate Christmas? Who knows, I guess.

When will we know why people like to celebrate Christmas before Christmas? We may never know.