Do You Have to be Smart to be Successful?

Jada Garnett, Writer

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It is a stereotype many people have that in order to be successful you have to be intelligent, when in reality, you can be successful no matter how smart you are.

Today, companies are beginning to hire people who aren’t the brightest but can work with others, which goes to shows it is possible to have a job and be successful even if you aren’t the smartest. Being smart is not the end all, be all. You can live a happy life and be content with yourself without being in all honors classes, going to the best college, knowing the right people, etc. Sure, those things would be helpful in getting a high paying job and living that life of success everyone’s always talking about. But whose says you can’t get there without those things? A lot of people question whether they’ll get the “dream life” because of how poorly they do in algebra or how bad their writing skills are. The fact of the matter is you can find success within yourself no matter how intelligent you may be. If you’ve reached your level of satisfaction in life, then you’ve been successful.

Success should not be determined as getting astounding grades and going to the amazing colleges. Success can be portrayed within a person when they have reached their own level of satisfaction and are living a life that makes them happy.

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