Song of Myself

Song of Myself

Andrew Dully, Writer

a Walt Whitman pastiche

i celebrate myself, and sing myself,

i am unique, a combination of particles different than any other in the universe.


i am nothing more than a single drop of water in a vast ocean,

but i am capable of so much more,

just one drop, has the power to change the entire world.


i will use this sacred power, with every fiber in my body, all of my being, to change.

i will cut down the mightiest of trees, tame the most savage of beasts, spark fires

in the hearts of men

i will master this world, and create perfection!


my soul is weary and weighed down by the sins of society.

in my reckless pursuit of creating utopia, i have separated myself from my

humble origins,

now i lay in ruin, lamenting the evil i have become, questioning everything i

thought i knew.


who am i? what is my purpose?

why? how? when? what if?

do our pathetic lives bear any meaning? where did we go wrong?


Time slows, everything stops, the Infinite Universe pauses itself to teach me a


a lesson in humility, Faith, Joy, Sorrow, Creation, Destruction, Truth, and Lies,

a lesson in being Alive.


My heart, mind, and soul begin to shine, filled with Knowledge and Understanding.


I know My life is a blessing, and every day, a gift.

I know I am a mirror, creating a reflection of the world around Me.

I understand that I am Nature, not Her ethereal creation.

I know that all humans are the same, regardless of race, religion, creed, or



We are all Nature, and We must spread Her blessed message of peace and unity.

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