YWC Weekend: A Success!

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YWC Weekend: A Success!

Martha Fortier, Adviser

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Check out the positive feedback from last weekend’s Young Writers Conference which hosted 64 students from 8 schools:

I think the fact that it didn’t feel like school (even though it was at my school) made it a better experience to learn and work in.

This was an amazing experience and I’m honestly sad it’s over. It felt like such a safe space and that was something really special.

I really liked the length of the workshops. They were long enough to really dive into a subject or genre, but it did not get boring or slow.

Getting to try different writing styles was unexpectedly my favorite part. I didn’t sign up for screenwriting but it ended up being my favorite workshop.

I learned a lot about different styles of writing and other things.

I feel like the activities that all of the mentors did helped me to produce actual pieces of good writing this year.

Excellent conference.

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