Golf Wrap Up

Emma Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief

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This fall, through humid days and freezing afternoons, the golf team yet again called Stow Acres Country Club home. Their hours of practice on the green and driving range paid off for three solid wins early in the season. While their final record was not inspiring, Coach O’Brien explained how the team kept it light, joking that they were maybe more “warm weather golfers.”

The team was composed of 9 golfers ranging in age from eighth graders to seniors, each with their own entertaining personality. One highlight of the season occurred when one member was “charging” before tee-ing off by standing arms extended and face raised up to meet the sun. Even though he only got to 60%, his match, like each of his other team members’, was competitive and hard fought. Additionally, every team member took part in the golf team’s infamous carpool karaoke. As Coach O’Brien said, “They can really belt it out.”

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