Ask the Editor 2


Alice Knowlton, Editor-in-Chief



Q: How do you weigh an elephant?

A: You can’t. There’s no weigh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Q: You’re driving a rogue trolley, and you can’t stop it, but it’s about to run over four people. However, you can switch onto a track where you’d only hit one person. Do you continue on the current path and kill four, or switch tracks and kill one?

A: This is one of those questions which has no answer but rather creates more questions. The foremost in my mind is “Why?” Theoretically, it is preferable to kill as few people as possible. However, to intentionally aim to kill a single person could be perceived as more morally objectionable than unintentionally killing four people. It is unlikely that a person could actually ponder this decision in the moment, given that they don’t seem to have time to yell “WATCH OUT” to the 5 people randomly hanging out on the trolley tracks, but surely to choose not to switch tracks would constitute a deliberate decision to kill four people just as to switch tracks would lead to the deliberate killing of one. Either way, would this count as vehicular manslaughter? Are trolley drivers less culpable than, say, bus drivers, because they wouldn’t have the option of swerving to avoid people in the way? Why is this hypothetical person driving a trolley, anyway? Where are there still trolleys?


Q: Are boots shoes?

A: Well, they go on your feet and are meant to be worn outside, so yes. However, a slipper is not a shoe.


Q: Where’s the beef?

A: Texas produces the greatest amount of beef out of all American states, accounting for 13.24% of the nation’s beef output. Next are Nebraska, Kansas, California, Oklahoma, and Missouri, with 7.20%, 6.67%, 5.51%, 5.40%, and 4.71% respectively. (

But that’s not really what you were asking, is it?


Q: Tea or coffee?

A: Tea is for pleasure; coffee is for pressure.


Q: How are you?

A: I’m doing ok, thanks for asking!

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