Cross Country Wrap Up

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Cross Country Wrap Up

Andrew Dully, Writer

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Whether it was Quinn saying the most random things out of context, or us singing ‘Country Roads’ as loud as we can, our cross country season was as memorable as ever. From pre-season lake runs to piling all eleven of us onto a tiny couch to watch a movie about the legendary Steve Prefontaine, every day was an adventure. Some notable highlights were taking our easy days easy, reviving the alliance of BerCroft AcadaSchool, continuing the age old tradition of dousing ourselves in Dr. Pepper, singing our hearts out on the bus (and not being able to talk the next day), and the classic Hans Johnson! Not only did we have lots of fun, but we were also successful in races. All of the runners on our team beat their personal best time at least once this season! Despite the fact that we love to goof off, we know how to put the pedal to the medal!

Here are a few quotes from team members summarizing our season:

“There are 2 dates that matter, November 2nd and November 10th” *in a sarcastic tone* -Emma

“Smooth transition” – Emma

 “More of a family, everyone supported each other, we all had our connections, same humor, easy to connect, highlight of my day” – Quinn

“There were times of hardship and times of utter chaos but in the end, we ran.” – Darren

“I loved that my times went from 25 to 20, rail trail, going off the beaten path, loved singing on the bus, crinkle, exploring” – Joe

“We were a brand of brothers, always ready for a joke, but also ready run our hearts out. I almost got lost on campus, lake day, singing ‘I like it’ on the bus and seeing coach’s reaction, having coach tell me I’m the worst singer he’s ever heard” – Jonah

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