JV Boys Soccer Wrap Up


Emma Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief

While many of the girls sports failed to fill their rosters, boys soccer experienced the luxury of fielding a JV team and, in the words of one team member, they “had a good time.” The team reveled in a bit of self-deprecating humor, answering my question, “What was your best game?” with a straight-up “None.” The team did enjoy when Coach instructed them to run complexes— well, more specifically, the team enjoyed watching their other team members run that lovely endless loop around the fields. While “Where are the balls?!” was a common refrain at practice, such aggravation shifted as soon as JV/Varsity scrimmages began. JV and Varsity tensions flourished on the far back field behind the gym, complete with quite a bit of disrespect kicked back and forth that made for great inside jokes off the field. The JV team even won one such scrimmage (in their hearts)! The team, bonding over their self-deprecation, had a very entertaining and uplifting season.

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