Mountain Day Quotes

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Mountain Day Quotes

Emma Sullivan, Editor-In-Chief

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Senior Quotes:

“Everyone eats” – Helen

“I can’t feel my hands. I can’t feel my face.” – Serey

This is the starting line.” – Ibby

“I don’t like uniting.” – Hamilton

“This was the best year yet! No one complained about anything, we just wanted to win.” – Annabelle

“Win mode” – Annabelle

“Invigorating” – Max

Freshman Quotes:

“Cold” – Jacob

“My favorite day at Bancroft” – Quinifred

“Nice if people listened to the teachers and wore more clothes because it was cold” – Kaya

“Fun but freezing” – Kaya

“The peak of my existence” – Olu

“Lit.” – Bernard

“Cold” – Gavin

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