An Interview with Mr. Ives

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An Interview with Mr. Ives

Jada Garnett, Writer

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What was the most significant moment in your teaching career?

My first PhD student graduating when I taught at West Point College. I could really see how I changed the student’s thought process on some things.

What moved you to start teaching at Bancroft?

I simply liked teaching. There was an opening and I jumped at it. I had an opportunity to teach children who are called the brightest in the area and decided to take it.

How would you describe your method of teaching?

I teach with a mixture of lecture and participation. I try to teach how I teach my college students but on a smaller level here at Bancroft. I very much welcome participation.

What was your most memorable experience in high school?

Graduating. I was excited because I left for Basic Training 3 days after my graduation.

How have your past experiences affected the teacher you are today?

Being in the military, I lived history (the subject I teach). I was able to travel around the world; therefore, I experienced what in 20 years will be history, what the generation today will be teaching about when they become teachers.

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