An Interview with Mr. Abend


Matthew Baker, Writer

What surprises you most about Bancroft?

*Mr. Abend lengthy pause*
At this point nothing really surprises me anymore, but what really surprised me when I got here was just how friendly people really are at Bancroft. I’m also really surprised on a (mostly) daily basis by how willing the students are to engage intellectually and the risks that they’ll take in order to really understand something.

What do you like most about Bancroft?

I really love the community. I think that’s extremely important at any school, and it’s welcoming, it’s supportive, and it has helped me a lot to really get acclimated over the first couple of weeks.

What inspired you to teach math?

*Mr. Abend lengthy pause part 2 (If you don’t have him, he really enjoys a dramatic pause.)*

I found myself in high school helping out other students while I was in class and realized that I enjoy helping others, so there’s the teaching aspect of what I love to do. Beyond that, I’ve always enjoyed thinking mathematically and challenging myself to really understand concepts and ideas, not just in math but elsewhere, and I found that in my life thinking mathematically has helped me navigate the world in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I want to help other people navigate their world through mathematics, essentially.

Now, I’ve heard that you are quite a nerd, what would you say your favorite Star Wars movie is?

The standard answer is Empire Strikes Back, but I think Return of the Jedi. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan; I do enjoy them. I’ve seen them all. I did like the one before Solo, I forget the name.

*50 useless bonus points to anyone who knows…*

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time, if you have it?

I like to do crosswords. I like to play Ultimate.

Ultimate as in Ultimate Frisbee?

Yes, and I just like to *almost Mr Abend lengthy pause* nap. Napping is good.

What is your favorite type of food?

Popcorn, with butter and parmesan, and salt.

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