An Interview With Mr. Townley (Or Batman?)

An Interview With Mr. Townley (Or Batman?)

Serey Kremer, Writer

Why  did you decide to work at Bancroft?


I liked Bancroft from the moment that I saw the job posting and honestly I really like everything about it. I liked all of you guys who I came to meet for my interview that day and I like the curriculum that’s offered where it’s not a case of it’s AP or nothing; all the classes are challenging whether they have that designation in front of them or not. I like the general vibe of the school; it, at least to me, feels like a pretty diverse and different type of place where every kid isn’t just the same, you know? And Bancroft just kinda has that vibe of being a different type of place than your average private high school.


What do you like to do in your free time?


Heehee, well when I have free time I spend it with my family; I have a six year old and a four and a half year old, so I try and spend as much time as possible with them doing whatever six year olds and four and a half year olds do!


Why do you have a Batman sticker on your laptop?


Ahahaha! I have been a very large Batman fan pretty much all my life. The sticker well, I don’t know, I guess because it’s just fun, and it makes my computer stand out.


If you were not a college counselor, what would you choose to be?


I don’t really know. I mean it is something I have thought about, but I’ve never really had a good answer for it. I honestly just really like the job. But if it was something else I think I’d still want to be involved in a high school and helping students in one way or another.


What is your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite singer?


I admittedly have the taste of probably a teenager so I listen to lot of pop, a lot of top forty. And embarrassingly enough it’s probably Britney Spears.


If you were a butterfly, where would you fly?

Hahaha! That’s like an awful college admissions question! Hmmm, where would I fly? If I could get that far, I would either fly to Tuscany or Hong Kong because those are two of my favorite places I’ve ever been. Is that a serious question though?


Haha, yup!


A lot of people think you’re Batman because of your Batman sticker on your computer. What do you have to say to that?


Hahahaha! I haven’t figured out if that’s a good thing or bad thing yet! It’s whatever — I think it’s fun and I guess I’m glad that your talking about me in a positive way? But I mean it’s like what I tell you guys in the college application process–you just have to be yourself. I’m being myself and if that’s what you end up thinking then I’m cool with it.


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