Ask the Editor

Ask the Editor

Alice Knowlton, Editor-in-Chief

Life is full of questions. Why are we here? Do my parents like my sister more than me? What is the function of the DLP? Well, my children, none of us have the answers, but some of us are pretty good at pretending we do. Consult Editor Alice (that’s me) and while you may not get THE answer, you’ll certainly get AN answer. Go ahead. Email a question like or unlike the ones below to, or write one on a piece of paper and stuff it in Alice Knowlton’s mailbox, or feed it through the air vent of locker 105. The All-Knowing™ Editor Alice awaits your queries.


Why is Mr. Sheldon’s history class so hard?

This, I don’t know. I have never had Mr. Sheldon for history. I’m not good enough at history. However, from what I have heard, Mr. Sheldon’s history classes involve a lot of papers and not a lot of mercy. They’re a trial by fire in which the weak die and the strong become fantastic writers. Dear questioner (I already forget who you are), I am overjoyed not to be in your position and I wish you the best of luck. If disappointing Mr. Sheldon is the worst experience in the world, making him proud is the best.

What is the meaning of life?

Let’s just get this question out of the way so we can move on. The meaning of life is is one of the following. Please select the option(s) you prefer.

  1. Surviving long enough to reproduce and pass on one’s genes to future generations
  2. Changing one’s environment through interaction or creation
  3. Making use of one’s evolutionary advantages—in the case of humans, reaching full intellectual potential through exploration, thought, and study
  4. Fully embracing one’s physiological and personal nature through independent self-expression and the pursuit of one’s desires and inclinations
  5. Fulfilling a duty to one’s family, nation, deity, etc
  6. Cats
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