Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Jada Garnett, Writer

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Are pit bulls dangerous? As soon as people see this question, their initial reaction is to say, “Yes! Pit bulls are one of the most dangerous breed of dog there is.” Although that’s where they’ve got it wrong. No breed of dog is “dangerous.”  A dog can be dangerous, but it has nothing to do with their breed. Instead, it has everything to do with the dog’s owner. Dogs who are not properly trained and cared for as they should be can turn into aggressive animals who don’t know how to act. Pit bulls are enthusiastic, loving, and athletic dogs. Bad people take these dogs and train them to be mean towards other animals and even people. That is how they get their reputation — from a few bad people who decided to train dogs in a manner that they shouldn’t. In the end, it’s all about how you train a dog. If you train a dog to be your best friend, it will be your loyal companion until the end. If you train a dog to be the opposite, that’s what you’ll get. What you put into a dog is what comes out. It’s not logical to stereotype breeds of dogs because it’s not a dog’s fault that they act the way they do; it’s the way they are trained that reflects how they act.

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