Two Years + Two Editors

Two Years + Two Editors

Martha Fortier, Advisor

Two years ago Unleashed needed new leadership and two stellar Editors stepped forth to lead the way: Carmen and Lindsay.

What can I say about these two?!?!


  • put together countless issues
  • stayed organized
  • inspired others to write
  • emailed me tirelessly
  • worked for HOURS each night before publishing
  • kept my average ideas in check (delicately)
  • stayed sane
  • made thoughtful and difficult decisions
  • apologized when we made an error
  • contributed many, many pieces…

I’m sure I am missing something, but you get the idea, right? They kept the ship afloat in order to bring voice to your ideas. It was a noble pursuit, and our community is better for their leadership and diligence.

Now they head off to college, leaving Unleashed in good hands.

Carmen and Lindsay: Thank you for all of your inspiration and hard work. I will miss you!