A Tale of Brew Cities: Monday $pecials

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A Tale of Brew Cities: Monday $pecials

Annabelle Huffman, Writer

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On a Monday night, my family wasn’t feeling the whole home-cooked meal vibe. Everyone had a long day, and we just wanted to grab a bite to eat somewhere that everyone could find something that pleased them. My Dad had heard that Jimmy’s Tavern & Grill in Shrewsbury was having a $5 burger deal. On any given day after crew practice my sister Paige and I are famished and down for a nice juicy burger…and a $5 burger…c’mon…that deserves a loud hell, yeah (and it got that, too)!

But at 5:45 pm on that night, people flocked to a deal that mouth-watering. The line swung out of Jimmy’s and around the corner near Marathon Sports. Although we, the kids, were down to sit for an hour, the parents were not. So, we drove aimlessly for a few minutes, heading up Shrewsbury Street, Worcester’s restaurant hub. My Dad tossed out Brew City and 7 Nana and the Wonder Bar. We gave up driving around in circles and landed at Brew City.

The restaurant was on the quieter side even though there were a few tables of work buddies hanging out in their suits & ties and skirts & heels. The bar was cooking — some game was playing, and there were some cheers that erupted from the crowd of people, but I wasn’t paying that much attention to them.

My eyes swept through the menu, finding more than one thing that suited my picky palate. As I was flipping through, the yellow page in the middle caught my eye. “Specials” it read in a big font…“Monday – $5 Cheeseburgers…includes fries” SCORE.

We ordered a few apps — the fried pickles (oh. my. god. — they were so delicious I nearly ate the whole thing), and the pretzel bites.

My burger came out cooked absolutely perfectly. The cheese was goo-ing off of the patty and the pickles, tomatoes, and onions just poking out of the bun. I got a taste of every ingredient in my first juicy bite. My burger was medium, so there was still some juice pooling up next to the stack of fries. I’m known for being a particularly slow eater, but I was the first one done eating everything. So, if that’s not an indicator of how delicious the food was, I don’t know what is.

  • Overall, A+
  • Fantastic food
  • Great service
  • Good atmosphere (the parking lot is kinda small, but the restaurant was comfy, well decorated, and had a great view of the restaurant strip)


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