Advice for Rising Freshman


Anonymous, Contributor

Dear incoming freshman,

      Congratulations — you’ve made it through the hardest social years of your life, now begins high school. This year I moved from Michigan, something which I can guarantee none of you are doing if you are reading this article. Freshman year is a year where you could learn about how you learn, how to study properly and how to balance your social life as well as your workload. This is one possibility. You could also not do your homework and learn the hard way that no matter how well you do on tests and quizzes, without putting the work in you won’t do well.

This year I applied to be a tour guide and host for incoming students. Little did I know that because of this club I would get to tour the class of ‘68, who not only told me about the rifle range that used to be in the cafeteria but the also gave me some pretty solid advice about life after Bancroft. (Quick little side note: One of these women actually went to Yale!!) The advice they gave me was not to worry about after high school too much and this is the advice I’m passing down to you now. “Does Bancroft still teach you how to write a paper?” she asked me. I responded yes and she continued to say, “Well, that’s all that matters because if you know how to write a paper, how to work hard and how to study, then you will excel at school.”

What I’m trying to tell you is don’t worry: as my soccer team always says, we’ve got your back and I promise you all your teachers and your friends have your back. You will be okay at Bancroft and because of Bancroft you will be ready for college. More importantly, though, apply yourself, join clubs, lead your class even if you aren’t a rep, don’t just coast, dig in and you’ll be surprised by how much more you learn when you are outside of the classroom.

You’ve got this. Don’t worry…just keep working and making new friends. You can never have enough.