Advice for Rising Juniors

Advice for Rising Juniors

Anonymous, Contributor

The horror you’ve all been dreading: junior year. The one piece of advice I have is pretty basic, but it’s completely true – TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

I could give advice like “don’t take too many hard classes” or the classic but very unhelpful “breathe” but lets be real – course selection was already due plus you guys all go to Bancroft so of course you signed up for way too much stuff and have already forgotten to breath eight times in the past minute.

But taking care of yourself can mean a plethora of different things.

It can mean talking to your advisor about dropping a class or changing your schedule because you’ve realized that you took on too many advanced classes or classes in general.

It can also mean dropping that extra curricular you’re just going to out of habit because you feel like you need more time during the day to do your homework.

None of these things are wrong! Don’t worry that there will be one less activity on your college app, just do what’s best for you. Narrowing down the activities that you find important will also be helpful in the other staple of junior year: the college process.

Now I’m not gonna lie, there is a lot of steps to think about for it, but 1. You won’t have to start thinking about this whole crazy college ordeal until second semester and 2. It can be kind of exciting (I swear I’m not lying.) Although I’ve certainly been swept with moments of panic where I think I’m not gonna get in anywhere, or that I’ll get to college and suddenly realize that the major I chose was a big mistake and I’m going to be stuck with a useless degree and insurmountable student loans, there are moments where I remember that I’ll be fine, and I remember how exciting it will be to finally get to leave (no tea, no shade.)

One thing that keeps me going is realizing how I can drop all the classes I didn’t like in high school when I get to college and start focusing on an interest that I’m actually enthusiastic about. There are good parts and bad parts to everything and although junior year can sometimes feel like it’s all bad, take a moment to remember that you’ve already made it through two years of high school, so what could another two more REALLY do to you?