“I Believe” Statements

I Believe Statements

Anonymous, Contributors

Students in Mrs. Fortier’s American Literature class were asked to reflect on their beliefs on a variety of topics. Here are some samples:

I believe that everyone should have equal access to clean water.

I believe that Frosted Flakes are the best cereal.

I believe that it takes failure to make a successful person.

I believe that popcorn can be eaten anywhere except for at the movies.

I believe that sweet tastes are much better than bitter tastes overall.

I believe that everyone is born with the same potential.

I believe that 84 degrees farenheit is the perfect temperature.

I believe that earbuds are the bane of all humanity.

I believe that snow makes a picture much better.

I believe that skiing is the best expression of freedom.

I believe a planner should be color coordinated.

I believe sexuality is far more than a category.

I believe tomatoes taste better from a garden.

I believe donating hair is even more liberating when you cut it yourself.

I believe cats are even more majestic when they are not clawing at your hands or poking holes in your leggings.

I believe cranberry juice tastes better chilled, in a glass of wine.

I believe hot dogs are a waste unless from Coney Island, topped with relish and ketchup.

I believe books are better read within a few consecutive days.

I believe love can be felt between two people who are not emotionally available to each other.

I believe tattoos should not signify specific characteristics for anyone.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I believe that dark chocolate is the best out of all flavors.

I believe that fries taste better with barbecue sauce.

I believe that family is the most reliable relationship.

I believe that there is no need to argue with someone who has different values from you.

I believe that one should not hide their emotions.

I believe that every decision deserves respect and understanding.

I believe that everyone has a position in the world they live in.

I believe that everything is meaningless unless we give them meanings.

I believe that every ending is a new start.

I believe exercise is key for a healthy lifestyle.

I believe pets make people happier.

I believe there is a point where people should keep their opinions to themselves.

I believe in the importance of teamwork.

I believe in having many friends.

I believe in living your life.

I believe in experiencing how other people live.

I believe that travel has positive effects.

I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to be their own person.

I believe in the power of connections,

I believe dogs are nicer than people

I believe in stress baking…and then stress eating

I believe in karma and aliens and ghosts and reincarnation

I believe in the restorative power of alone time

I believe staying up late is peaceful

I believe procrastination leads to creative excellence

I believe comparison is the thief of happiness

I believe regrets are better than what if’s

I believe in being kind, even if they don’t deserve it

I believe everyone is here for a reason

I believe that Ghosts and Mermaids exist.

I believe in love at first sight.

I believe that avocados should not be eaten in any other form other than guacamole.

I believe that Smart Water tastes better than regular water.

I believe in second chances but never a third.

I believe life gets better when you have a good manicure.

I believe family is the most important thing in a child’s life.

I believe that people can be extremely intelligent even if they are not good test-takers.

I believe in the statement “don’t knock it till’ you try it”.

I believe every shoe that is not a sandal or heels should be worn with socks

(yes, even Sperrys)

I believe that you will get more enjoyment out of taking notes, taking a test or doing active reading if you do it with a bright colored pen.

I believe that the Oxford Comma has no purpose, takes extra time and should not be used.

I believe that society could function without semicolons but they make you seem professional as heck.

I believe that ice water tastes infinitely better than room temperature water.

I believe that puns can be the funniest type of humor when told by the right person.

I believe that no one should comment on what someone else’s parents are like especially when they’ve only had 5 minutes of conversation with them at 10 second intervals.

I believe that people who say “if you didn’t cry at this you’re not human” or anything along those lines should learn that not everyone is like them and that some people express their emotions differently or choose to suppress their emotions for whatever reason.

I believe that some people are perpetually ignored.

I believe that we could live in a near perfect world and people would complain that it wasn’t perfect.

I believe that it is impossible to help everyone.