Yep, These Books Should “Definitely” Be Banned


Carmen Bebbington, Lindsay Igoe, Julianna Boyson, Clare Shanahan

There were just too many darned parties, old sport!


It really is criminal to make teens read a book this boring.


Sexually explicit and full of profane language, The Catcher in the Rye is sure to corrupt the youth of today. Also, Holden Caulfield is just goddam annoying.


Too boring, needs to be banned.


Why talk about racism when you can just ignore it? I’m sure that’ll make it go away. And as a white person I am definitely the most qualified person to talk about this.


This book definitely encourages witchcraft. After reading it, children will turn into satanic monsters who will try to emulate such evil spells such as “accio” and “wingardium leviosa.” I don’t think it’s right to exposure innocent children to sorcery as hardcore as that.


It’s impossible to explain how ironic banning this book is.


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