Ms. Torode

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Ms. Torode

Adelaide Zheng, Writer

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What do you like most about Bancroft? Why?

What I like most about Bancroft is that there is a strong sense of community. Everyone knows everyone here, and even the little kids from Lower School know the big kids and look upon them as their role models. That said, the students are very independent as well. They can choose what they want to learn based on their interests.


If you could change one thing about Bancroft, what would you change?

Definitely the Upper School Orchestra. Right now, we do not have any orchestras in the Upper School. We have small ensembles, and if we can combine them into a larger group, we can have a lot of fun playing together, and it will also make teaching music more effective.


Describe Bancroft with one word.



Tell me one thing that makes Bancroft different from other schools.

There is definitely something different in Bancroft from other schools, and I would say that it is the freedom of the students. Here students can choose whatever they want to study, what activities they want to join, or just simply walk from building to building freely. Also, students here are responsible and can be trusted with their own decisions.


What do you like to do for fun in your free time?

I really like to hike. I also enjoy building and creating simple stuff with my daughter. We also cook quite often. Apart from violin, I also play viola, cello, piano, clarinet and guitar, but you wouldn’t want to hear me playing them.


Favorite color?



Do you have any pets at home?

We have a hermit crab called Hermy.


Bucket list for this school year?

Meet everyone!

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