Mr. Chambers


Ze Sheng Liang

Emma Sullivan, Writer

How has your transition into Bancroft been?

It’s been great. Everyone seems super friendly and welcoming. And I seem to know where to go everyday and where the supplies are so I can’t complain.


What is your favorite school lunch?

Oh jeez, I feel like I don’t have enough experience to gauge the quality of each meal. But I really enjoy taco day.


How is Bancroft different than past jobs?

I’ve taught preschoolers, and I’ve taught college students. Last year I was teaching college students so, how is Bancroft different? I think there’s enthusiasm and art students seem really excited to be in the space and often have very strong skills and the willingness to work hard. I’ve been impressed by that.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I do like to run and I am kind of art obsessed, so anything artsy: art museum, gallery shows or doing my own art. I get kind of geeked out by that.


What is your inspiration?

To be really serious, I think that we have a really passive culture, and art has often been meant for the sort of elite, and this idea that the artist is amazing and is going to share that with everyone. So I’m excited by people who are shaking that up and finding ways to use the art skills that they have to participate and engage in a conversation.


What job did you want to have when you were in high school?

Oh my gosh, in high school I couldn’t decide. I think if I could have been a fashion designer or worked for the circus . . . I think I wanted to be an actor. Honestly, in high school, I pretty much avoided visual art. I did set design, and I wanted to be a set designer, too. Anything creative would have been great, but I was really concerned that, at some point, I would have to choose. And, luckily, I didn’t have to choose because when you teach art you get to do all of that.


What is your dream vacation?

Woah. I mean there’s a lot of places in the world I’d love to go . . . but then you’d have to pick one. In college I did a semester in Indonesia, and I have not been back since and I think it would be great to go there with my kids because I’d love to share that upending experience with them.

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