Mrs. McLeod

Clare Shanahan, Writer

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What’s your favorite subject to teach as far as history, in terms of period?

Oh, that’s a hard question for a history teacher; we teach a lot of stuff! I would say that my favorite periods in history – I kind of have a tie for two – would either be the American Revolution because it’s so diverse and there’s a lot going on. So either the American Revolution or I actually love the two World Wars; the global scale because both of those – I guess all three of those events – have so much change: there’s politics, there’s social, there’s technology. And they change the way the world operates when they’re done, so it’s sort of the start of a whole new beginning, which is really cool.


So more modern history, like US?

A little, yeah. Now, granted, most of my history is in US and all of that, but the World Wars is very much a global thing. So yeah, the American Revolution is obviously American with a little bit of global, but the World Wars — I love seeing how all of these different countries acted, and reacted, and responded and then, you know, you have World War I where they are on one side thinking one thing, and the very same country twenty years later in World War II is on a completely different spectrum and philosophy and whatnot. So it’s just a cool example of change.


So, specifically to Bancroft, what’s one thing since you’ve started that you like about here or that you think is unique?

I really like that the school embraces a wide range of classroom approaches. There’s no expectation that we’re all gonna be traditional every day, or there’s no expectation that you’re not allowed to be traditional. You know, we can do papers, we can do projects, you know, like up on the board, you guys can be cartographers, which is a very different approach to the content, but it’s going to give you guys a very different perspective. I guess I would just say Bancroft seems to be very open-minded towards learning, which is pretty much why I chose to work here, and it’s nice that it’s proving to be true.


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Because that’s very important.

Oh, that’s hard! That is hard, it depends on what mood I’m in!

Okay, top three.

I can do top three. I would say chocolate peanut butter, but like chocolate based with peanut butter, not the vanilla with swirls in it stuff. I like a good classic chocolate chip cookie dough, and black raspberry chip.

Those are all really different.

I said it depends on my mood!


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Does it have to be somewhere different than where I am?

I guess not, although that’s kind of boring.

I guess that’s true. Ok, so we’ll recognize I love where I live, but I would go to probably the lake region of Switzerland.

Specific, I like it.

The two times I’ve been there that area is just, it’s beautiful; the character of the people is a lot of fun. They love teachers there, so it’s a nice place to work. I think probably there. If not there, I think honestly I’d probably choose somewhere in Africa, where it would be much more sort of a freewheeling kind of lifestyle.


If you could explore deep space or deep sea which would you choose?

Definitely deep sea. If I could live in the ocean permanently, I would probably choose to do that.


If you were trapped on a desert island, and could only have one book, what would it be?

One book! These are mean questions for history teachers. See here’s the thing, I read a book like once every two weeks, and I very rarely reread one, so I would probably go with, it’s gonna sound weird but it’s a really interesting book – it mixes science, and history, and it’s a really easy read – it’s a book called Scurvy. It’s actually the story of how we figured out how to solve scurvy, and it’s really one of those things where you go wait, weird, that’s odd, but the story, the history behind that discovery and how people came about it is a really cool story, and it’s just a cool, you know, human interaction kind of thing. So yeah, I guess I’d go with Scurvy. Plus, it would remind me to eat the citrus fruit so I don’t get sick on my desert island.


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