Senior Reflections: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…About Bancroft

We asked seniors to email their responses to the question, What are your favorite things about Bancroft? See their answers below!

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the warm and welcoming environment.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the friends I have made over the past 13 years. It is amazing to believe that I still am friendly with people I began playing with at recess so many years ago. Without their continual help and support, I never would have become the person I am today.

The clam chowder!!

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the opportunities. At my old school, I could not count how many times we were told no. “No, you can’t wear that.” “No, you can’t do that.” “No, you have to choose.” At this school, we are given the freedom of choice. We are given freedom to pursue our passions, but we are also given freedom to figure out what our passions are. I came into Bancroft without a clue about who I was or what I want to be. Granted, I still don’t know what job I want to pursue, or even what I want to major in. But I am leaving this school with a wide set of experiences, and through my trials and failures, I have found who I don’t want to be. This means the world to me.


I do not know if it is acceptable to say the grilled cheese with Tomato soup day. For me, Bancroft is where I grew up as I have been here since I was ten years old. I call my advisor my dad and he calls me his daughter, so it is the connections like this that make Bancroft home.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the closeness between the faculty and students. Being at a small school has allowed me to form some very meaningful relationships with teachers that a larger environment probably would not have allowed for, and I’m very grateful for the knowledge and friendship my teachers have shared with me.

The long free periods.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the theater and the memory of all the days and nights I spent on stage performing, rehearsing, and laughing. I have so many memories in that space of spending time with friends or making a fool of myself, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is that the parking lot is very spacious and chaotic but in a good way.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is that when I walk in in the morning, somebody will be sure to hold the door open for me. It’s a subtle gesture, but I like the idea that nobody is in so much of a hurry that they can’t do something kind for someone else. As busy as the school year gets, everyone still makes time to care about each other, which is what I think community is all about. Thank you to everyone who’s held the door for me in the past four years.

The Computer Science/Robotics program and the Cross-Country team.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the teachers and the relationships that this school allows you to make with them. Especially in my last two years here, I have become very close with some of my teachers, and I accredit that to the mentality this school has  towards student-teacher relationships and the open communication that is encouraged here. I love that at Bancroft, it is the norm to be friends with your teachers, and that the faculty is always open and welcoming, and there to help you in any situation. From advisors to deans to math teachers, I know that the connections I have made at Bancroft will last long after I am gone.

The community.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the close relationships you can have with your teachers. I never feel worried or nervous about going to meet with them for extra help and they always make lots of time for that. The classroom is always a comfortable environment where I can answer and ask questions without feeling embarrassed if I’m not quite right. Similarly if you don’t do so well on an assignment, they are very willing to talk through what you did wrong and how you can do better next time. It’s this type of open communication and strong teacher student relationship I am going to miss going on to college next year. However, with that being said, I won’t be as shy in the classroom as my fellow college students will be due to the experience I’ve had here at Bancroft.

Friendly, helpful, and supportive community and atmosphere.

The small, tightly knit community.

My favorite thing about Bancroft would have to be the people that I have met while I have been here. Whether it may be my best friends or my favorite teachers, I have always looked forward to going to school each day to see them. The Bancroft community has been very special to me for a number of years and I know that I will remain connected to it long after I leave.  

The teachers that I’ve had are definitely my favorite thing about Bancroft. They care about me as a person, not just me as another student. They’ve always been there to help me grow.  I’ll never forget how having Mrs. Silverman as a freshman advisor helped me throughout high school, how energetic and passionate Mrs. Demaria was about AP bio at 8 in the morning, how Mr. Gal made The Scarlet Letter my favorite book of all time, or how Mrs. Leblanc got me to fall in love with math as a freshman. I could go on and on. Every teacher I’ve had here has had an impact on me in one way or another, and I’ll never forget any of them. Thank you guys!!!

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the friends I’ve made here.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the community.

I haven’t been at Bancroft for very long, just two years, but I believe that I have been able to get a good sense of the school during my time here. My favorite thing about Bancroft, and the reason why I chose to come here, is the drive to achieve excellence. The student body has a real passion for what they do, whether it is STEM, robotics, speech, or language. There is an initiative to truly learn more and better one’s self that is often not present in other schools. This environment, and specifically the students in it, have inspired me to be a better person and set higher goals for myself. I believe that I have grown substantially because of my peers, and I truly hope that this spirit stays with Bancroft for many years.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is the bond I have made with teachers, friends and coaches.

My favorite thing is our tech program.

My fav thing about Bancroft has been the memories and friendships I’ve created throughout everything I’ve done here.

My favorite things about Bancroft are the communication and connections between faculty and students. One teacher, Mrs. Fortier, has positively influenced me as a teacher, advisor, and a supportive friend. Before taking her English III class, I had little to no writing experience as well as little to no confidence in my writing. However, working throughout the year with her changed my perception about my writing and also strengthened my writing skills immensely. Other teachers make Bancroft a great community too; they make many students feel as if they care about students and the subjects which they teach. The individualized attention teachers prioritize for their students impacts the community and allows for many students, including me, to be comfortable and ask for help when I need it. I will miss many of my teachers’ kindness, support, and teaching style when I leave Bancroft!

My favorite thing at Bancroft is the many friends I have made here, of which I cannot merely choose one.

Small class sizes.

My favorite thing about Bancroft is all the great people that I have been able to meet and make lifelong friendships.