Farewell, Teachers!!

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Ms. Butler

What will Ms. Butler miss most about Bancroft?

 In addition to the wonderful students, faculty, and staff, I will miss making rain at the beginning of the year, Halloween assembly, the salad bar, snow days, the robotics team hard at work in the MPR, actors running through my teaching space during the drama and musical, seeing Spike at all school assemblies, pep rallies, and MS forums.”

What will students miss most about Ms. Butler?

“Ms. Butler was a great teacher and I really enjoyed my time in orchestra because of her. She would get us to practice our pieces but we also could joke around a bit. I’m going to miss her next year.”

“When I think of Mrs. Butler, I think of one word: patience. I have never been a great musician, but that has never stopped her from always supporting me and making sure I get the most out of our classes together. Her endless amounts of quiet confidence in me and my classmates has always made her one of my favorite teachers because it reflects how much she genuinely cares for her students.”

Ms. Bearse

What will Ms. Bearse miss most about Bancroft?

 I will really miss the relationships I have developed both with students and the faculty. I will miss having almost every freshman in history class and then watching my students grow throughout their time at Bancroft. It is especially fun to see the development of writing and analytical thinking. I will also miss my teams and all the other little stuff I do (costuming, yearbook, Ted Talks). It is so much fun to have the opportunity to coach three sports and to interact with so many students in multiple ways. I will miss the kindness of this community and how supportive students are of each other.  I also have an awesome set of co-workers who have become friends outside of school. It has been fun to work together especially during Mountain Day and during costuming. Oh, and I will miss HOT POT Parties!”

What will students miss most about Ms. Bearse?

“Ms. Bearse, aka Plaxico Burress, is the greatest ski coach to ever walk the halls of Bancroft School.”

“She helped me learn to write History and not for English, and she also made going to my class fun. I really enjoyed having her teach me in History this year.”

“Good coach, 4/4 bulldogs.”

Mr. Dec

What will Mr. Dec miss most about Bancroft?

Wonderful students who are so kind, smart and creative. Very supportive faculty and Administration. Performing in the Playathon and other venues with students and faculty. A beautiful campus in every season. Snow days! Great food everywhere!”

What will students miss most about Mr. Dec?

“I truly cannot express how much I owe to Mr. Dec in making me the artist that I am today. He has taught me so much about how to see the world and analyze my artwork while also allowing me to work outside the box and study what I’m passionate about. All his support throughout my independent study has meant the world to me and I cannot thank him enough. He truly cares about each and everyone of his students and Bancroft is all the better for it. I wish him the best!”

“I will really miss Mr. Dec next year because he has been a great art teacher of mine for all of high school. He has always supported my ideas in class and in the Art Club, whether I was creating a piece for his class, a different class, or just for myself. I’m happy that I got to know Mr. Dec and have him as my teacher.”

Mrs. Cranford

What will Mrs. Cranford miss most about Bancroft?

I will miss being greeted by music every morning.  I have been to a lot of schools in my travels, and I have never been on a campus where music can be heard like this. I will miss the people.  The littlest people and the biggest people.  The students, staff, and faculty are the most amazing part of our beautiful school.  As Director of Admission I have had the honor of working with families from all divisions, as well as colleagues across the School. They all have a very special place in my heart. I will miss the salad bar!  I will miss seeing the smiles of the kitchen staff each day and knowing that there will always be something delicious to eat.”

What will students miss the most about Mrs. Cranford?

“I remember how, when I was a prospective student visiting Bancroft for the first time, Mrs. Cranford welcomed me warmly and was incredibly friendly and kind. Even years later, when I had been going to Bancroft for years, she would still remember my name and say hello in the halls. She is so kind to every student, and we will all miss her!”

“Mrs. Cranford is always so friendly when you pass her in the hallway; she is always smiling and goes out of her way to catch up with you! We all appreciate how much she does for our school in admissions, and we will miss her very much!

Mrs. Moore (taking a one year leave of absence)

What will students miss most about Mrs. Moore?

“Mrs. Moore is the reason I love art. I can truthfully say I didn’t think much of it until I took one of her eighth grade art classes … Nowadays, art is a central part to how I define/express myself and I can easily say I’d be lost without it. All her love and support in that journey has been invaluable and I know she will only continue to show each and every student she teaches the power of art. Nonetheless, I will miss her dearly and, despite my effort, never be able to thank her enough.”

“There was never a day that I did not want to go to Mrs. Moore’s art class. She created an environment in her room that cannot be recreated. She will be missed greatly.”

“I always look forward to being in Ms. Moore’s classes because they brighten my day, regardless of how I was feeling beforehand. I am going to miss her so much because she is inspiring, extremely understanding, and my favorite teacher of all time.”

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