Interview with a Techie

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Interview with a Techie

Caroline M., Writer

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Why do you love being a techie?

Chelsea (Stage Manager): I love being a techie because you get to be a part of the amazing theatre community, but you don’t have to memorize any lines! Also, it’s full of organization and planning, which is very me.

Sophie (Backstage): Oh my god. I love being with the people who are backstage. They’re my favorite, and I love being with theatre people, and I love everything about being in the theatre.

Julianna (Backstage): Because I really like theatre, but I’m not good at it, so I like to watch it, and everyone is just so nice there, and no one’s fake. It’s pretty nice.

Gaia (Backstage): I love being a techie because it allows me to be a part of the shows and the theatre without interfering as much with my daily schedule. I love getting to work on the parts of the show that nobody thinks about but are still crucial to the production.

How did you you get started?

Chelsea (SM): I got started by being Assistant Stage Manager for the Drama my Freshman year. Since then, I’ve also been a techie for the 5th grade play the last 2 years and am now the Stage manager of the Drama.

Sophie (Backstage): I really wanted to audition for the drama freshman year, except that I dance every single night, so I just decided that one week was better than like nine.

Julianna (Backstage): The 8th grade play. I kept annoying Mr. B “When are you gonna put up tech sign ups?!?” and eventually I just signed up, and I ended up doing it all the time.

Gaia (Backstage): I got involved with teching during Cinderella last year. My schedule was a bit crazy at the time, but I still wanted to be involved and teching allowed me to. Since then I have teched every opportunity I get.

Favorite part of crew? (Like backstage, props, etc.)

Chelsea (SM): Stage management! (So much power…)

Sophie (Backstage): I have never done anything but backstage, so I love backstage, and I will continue to do it.

Julianna (Backstage): I’m not sure if this counts as teching, but I love the tech theatre class because I like to build it [the sets] and see the process, especially when you’re involved with design because you see everything from start to finish, which I think is really cool.

Gaia (Backstage): My favorite part of crew is backstage crew. This constitutes of moving/placing set pieces, lowering/raising backdrops, and sometimes organizing and managing props.

What’s tech week like for you?

Chelsea (SM): Tech week is the best and worst part of putting on a show. Number one, it means the process is almost over which is really sad. But it also means that I’m just gonna be really busy. You have to get all the week’s homework done the weekend before and yet you’re still scrambling for any free time you can find. However, production week is also the best time because you’re putting on a show! It’s so rewarding, and fun, and the celebrations after each performance are the best. I wouldn’t trade that for all the work in the world.

Sophie (Backstage): Hectic. And stressful.

Julianna (Backstage): For the musical, it’s really hard because I live far away, and I need to get all my Monday homework done. But for the drama, it’s usually fine. Monday is kinda hard, but after that I just get used to it. Also a lot of coffee.

Gaia (Backstage): Tech week is tiring and stressful but is manageable if I prepare ahead of time. Usually I try to get as much homework done as possible on the weekend before the week starts, that way I can just focus on classwork and get some sleep when I get home. Teachers are usually understanding as well, which helps a lot.

Be honest, are actors really that annoying?

Chelsea (SM): I love actors, and yes they can get in the way of drops, or forget to check their props, but all us techies secretly love them.

Sophie (Backstage): No! They’re not that bad except when they don’t move out of the way of the wings when you have to move something on and you’re like, “Oh my god.”

Julianna (Backstage): Not all of them, only when I have to do my job and they’re in the way.

Gaia (Backstage): No. Actors are a fun bunch and are usually very easy to deal with. Occasionally it’s frustrating when they get in the way if you need to move something, but they are over all just a good group of people.

Favorite part of the job?

Chelsea (SM): The theatre community is the real reason I always return to the theatre either as Stage Manager for the Drama or on stage for the Musical. It is my favorite extracurricular activity and would recommend it to anyone, no matter their acting talents. You won’t regret it.

Sophie (Backstage): The cast party. Or just hanging out with all the people who are in the theatre because I love them.

Julianna (Backstage): I like seeing the progression. After the first rehearsal of tech week, no one knew their lines, the techies didn’t know their spots, no one knew their blocking or what they were doing and by the next few days I’m like, “This is awesome. This is going to be a great show.” I also love all the little traditions that we do.

Gaia (Backstage): My favorite part of the job is usually getting to be with a great group of people and the feeling that comes as you watch the show come together into something quite fantastic.

How’s Laramie so far?

Chelsea (SM): I have loved the process of working on The Laramie Project. I think that the show is so important and I am really happy to get to share its message with the Bancroft community.

Sophie (Backstage): It’s really good. It’s really emotional. I would recommend it to everyone.

Julianna (Backstage): I’m kinda like what I said before. I think the show isn’t going to be good, but I’m sure it’ll be fine and it’s a really cool message and it’s just a story that needs to be told, especially considering what happened in June and our new President, mainly our new Vice President, but I think it’ll be good.

Gaia (Backstage): So far, Laramie is great. It doesn’t have that much tech, which is nice because it allows me to just watch the show for a bit. It is really a well written play as well, and the cast play their parts beautifully.

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