Pop Funko Figures Gone Too Far

Julianna B., Writer

These adorable little figures started out as a way for nerds to easily collect their favorite characters in figure form for relatively cheap. The premise sounds pretty good, right?

But then something horrible happened:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a pop funko figure has been made of the principal character from The Breakfast Club.

This has gone too far.

I thought I could sit by and watch when there was a figure made of every single Disney character and about nine different ones of Sherlock –because there has to be one of him in his jacket and scarf, one of him in the original costume and one of him playing the violin – but this, this is too much. This famous character encompasses how generations will always see their preceding one as a group of idiots who will destroy the world. He is now being downgraded to a piece of plastic making the devil horns signal with his hands.

I will not stand for it. I don’t care what it takes. Boycotting the company is a start, but we need to go further. If any relative tries to give you one of these putrid figures as a gift for the holidays, throw it on the ground and refuse to accept it. We cannot stand by and watch all of our beloved ’90s characters be turned into what some call “cute figures.” Who knows who they’ll come for next?

I am taking a stand against this. I hope people will join me in taking down this unjust and quickly expanding company.

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