Super (Hero) Movies?

Julianna B., Writer

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Well, 2016 has basically been the weirdest and craziest year that I can remember so far. So let’s just distract ourselves with movies! Marvel released three new movies including Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool and Dr. Strange, while D.C. Comics released two new movies: Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

If you’re bored over winter break – or just want to ignore your family – here’s a quickie review of each movie, ranked from the worst to the best.

#5. Batman v Superman

No one really had high expectations for this movie, but even so it was still a pile of garbage. This movie revolves around Batman and Superman fighting over… something, I’m honesty still not sure on it. The motivations behind the two main characters are pretty vague and unclear even though it took almost two hours to get to their big fight scene. Also, the plug for the Justice League movie felt very forced and last minute, almost as if the producers knew that this movie was going to be bad, so they added in a ‘come back soon’ part to it.

The conflict ends up getting resolved between Batman and Superman when they figure out that both of their mom’s names are Martha. I’ll just leave it at that.

#4. Suicide Squad

I know it seems like I’m biased against D.C. movies but compared to Marvel’s movies, this one was definitely the worst. Although this movie got terrible reviews, at one point having below a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, it still had some good elements.

A couple of the characters had complex backstories that made the movie come together just a little at the end. El Diablo’s character, for example, was heartwarming when you learn that he stopped using his powers after accidentally burning down his house while his wife and children were inside. A little dark, but all the same, it was touching. I think the main problem in this movie was that because of the multitude of characters, the movie had too much backstory and not enough action. And when there was action it was C.G.I.-ed with Cara Delevinge’s character doing an interpretive dance while trying to summon demons to destroy the city that they’re in.

All in all, the movie was okay but paled in comparison with some of the other superhero movies that came out this year.

#3. Deadpool

I went into this movie with absolutely no idea what I was walking into and left in good spirits after seeing Ryan Reynolds goofing around in a latex suit and taking part of a holiday montage of well… I can’t say in a school publication.

The movie was based around a man, Wade Winston, who enters a program that is trying to cure cancer but does so by subjecting all of their patients to extreme pain until their bodies react in a way that gives them superpowers. I swear it’s hilarious though. After Wade Winston, newly renamed Deadpool, escapes, he tries to hunt down the man who tortured him. The plot shows what kind of character Deadpool is, one who doesn’t forgive easily and is brutal to the point of being considered an anti-hero. Fox really embraced that this movie for what it was, a fun and 4th wall breaking comedy that didn’t have to be censored.

The movie doesn’t shy away from nudity, graphic violence or crude humor, so I suggest leaving grandma out of your family viewing of this movie.

#2. Dr. Strange

This movie was the most surprising to me. The graphics were absolutely incredible as they take you through collapsing buildings, magic portals and multiple alternate dimensions. The movie focuses around Steven Strange, a cocky and overconfident doctor who stumbles into a world of magic after getting injured in a car crash. Evidently, the car crash happened because he was cocky and overconfident when he was on the road. Seeing a trend here?

The movie also deals with the complex idea of time without making viewers feel like facts are being thrown at them or like their heads are going to explode. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job not only with his American accent but also with portraying a character whose life and reality has been completely turned upside down. The character arc seems natural and his initial qualities of being cocky and overconfident don’t go away, making the movie still seem fun. It also keeps the fun that most Marvel Movies have even though it occasionally got kind of dark by incorporating modern references to modern medicine or Beyoncé.

All in all, if you haven’t seen it yet this year, watch it before it goes out of theaters, and if you can’t do that preorder it on D.V.D.

#1. Captain America: Civil War

Is this movie basically another Avengers? Yes, but who cares because it was amazing.

The movie starts out with Marvel’s group of superheroes disagreeing about whether or not the government should have a say in when and where the heroes step in. Their feuding intensifies throughout the movie once their personal lives get involved, but I don’t want to spoil exactly what happens. I will say, though, that the movie makes you think about how easy it is to get people fighting and shows how destroying something from the inside is a lot more efficient than destroying something from the outside. The movie ends on a cliffhanger, making you want to see more (even though the next installment doesn’t come out until May 4th, 2018.)

The movie also did a good job of easing in two new characters, Black Panther and Spiderman, with the perfect amount of backstory. It didn’t feel like it was advertising either Black Panther or Spiderman’s own movies, and it also didn’t feel dragged out.

In conclusion, I think that this movie would be good for anyone, whether it’s your first or twenty-first time watching a Marvel Movie.

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