In an Era of Political Correctness, A Guideline for Decorating With Care

Mikaela L., Writer

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With the elusive winter season fast approaching, you may find yourself wondering, “Just how am I going to decorate for this nondescript time of year?” Maybe you are hosting a holiday gathering and freaking out about how every little thing in your home will somehow manage to offend everyone and anyone. Well, have no fear because I’ve come up with 5 top tips for navigating this confusing season.

With the holidays placing special emphasis on simple things like trees or cookies, it’s important to take all precautions when decorating.

  1. While pine trees can be seen as lovely winter decorations, they also carry undertones of a “certain” holiday. In order to avoid confusion, it is advised that all trees be cut down so they are not mistakenly labeled as the forbidden Christmas tree. You can use all the excess wood generated from chopping down these trees for a multitude of things- like getting cozy by the fire…or as a great centerpiece.

  2. A great way to turn any space into a winter wonderland is to hang up lights. If you’re decorating on a budget, you can easily reuse your old “Christmas lights” instead of buying the new politically correct, wintertime-white-twinkly-light set.

  3. Another source of winter time decoration difficulties comes when wrapping presents. Whatever gift-getting holiday is being celebrated, you want your gift to blandly blend in with the rest of the overly politically-correct presents. A fun and festive way to do so is to wrap all your presents in newspaper. Sadly, it is a reminder of the frightening headlines of the day, but at least it’s recyclable and eco-friendly!

  4. To prevent a holiday faux pas, any and all candles should be immediately disposed of. In fact, some winter traditionalists would advise getting rid of anything that could be seen as a “festival of lights.” A great alternative to candles are flashlights; however, they do still give off a significant amount of light. If you are among the extremely dedicated, living without any light is a surefire way to prevent any confusion.

  5. While it may seem out of the ordinary, another great table decoration is a dictionary. Just simply leave it open to the pages with “diversity” or “inclusion” on them! For extra festive emphasis, feel free to highlight those words (just make sure it’s not done in green or red.) This decoration can serve as a great learning tool for any guests you may have during the winter season!
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