A Thanksgiving Poem

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A Thanksgiving Poem

Caroline M., Writer

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The leaves dance around the trees

Slowly growing piles up to my knees

The warm auburns, yellows, and greens

Make my yard feel like a queen


The day of the turkey is finally here

My mother is cooking like a maniac

Her foods are like a work of Shakespeare


The parade plays in the distance and I’m

Pretending that Santa is nonexistent

But secretly, I tap my foot to the tune of holiday music


The family gathers around the table

Our thoughts disabled

Because before our eyes,

There is the prize


It sits there in all its glory

The turkey in the middle

Giving us a many stories

To tell at Thanksgiving dinner


The side dishes are important too

They blew me away,

With their cheesy warmth and tangy flavors


But you can never forget the best dish of all

The sweet desserts that taste like fall

The pumpkin pies, the lemon squares

Tasting them feels like walking on air


The meal is now complete

I put up my feet

And start the countdown to Christmas



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