The Thanksgiving Sides That Describe Our Fall Sports Teams

Julianna B. and Emma S.

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Bancroft’s fall teams all came together and brought the hype this season as we saw at the pep rally at the beginning of the year. Here’s how each individual sport did this year.

The Bancroft crew team don’t seem to be Chipotle fans. The best hangouts happened over nachos at Moe’s or burgers at Five Guys. The team became so close that they could be thought of as nicely mashed potatoes. One particularly uniting regatta occurred in Saratoga, New York. Between long, tightly packed car rides and late night hotel room chats, the Head of the Fish Regatta was one of the most memorable. However, because this team was so closely knit, practical jokes, such as apologizing to coaches who weren’t even mad, occurred daily between hard practices on Lake Quinsigamond. Races, however, were a different story, packed with captain’s empowering speeches, pre-race music, and some hard-core rowing! On and off the water, the Bancroft Varsity Crew team sweat, laughed and rowed their way to a successful season.

When the Bancroft Varsity Girls’ Soccer team ran onto the field for the first time, fresh from a long, hot summer, they met Adrian, their new coach. After a few introductions he began to add a -y to everything, shouting “counties-y” as the team grudgingly circled the fields. Joined by Coach Bearse, the Girls’ Soccer team decided to be stuffing – they were not the main dish but still played hard. The best example occurred at Homecoming in September when the team, still unsure of its ability, won a hard fought match against LCA for the first time in eight years. One player even scored a goal from a corner kick, and when the ref finally blew three whistles, the team fell into a big group hug. It was also the year the Girls’ Soccer team made the long trek out to Berwick, Maine. Although most of the girls dreaded the bus ride and the game was, in the end, lost, it became one of the most memorable games with a late-night McDonald’s stop and long, loud games of Headbanz. Throughout the fall, the Bancroft Varsity Girls’ Soccer dribbled soccer balls through fallen leaves and scored on opponents’ goals, leaving the team with smiles and memories.

The Bancroft Varsity Field Hockey team had a season full of photos, food, and fun. The team could be described as the popular Thanksgiving food: mashed potatoes. Their favorite moments were when everyone fell, which apparently happened pretty frequently. They rallied at EILs, making it to finals after their awesome game against Berwick and eventually claiming second place. Their hype was due to their music pump ups before each game and off the field bonding — which included going to a self defense class, dinners and team sleepovers. All in all it sounds like the players can’t wait for next fall!

“My… name is Hodge Johnson …” would be a familiar phrase if you ran with the Bancroft Cross Country team. The boys’ team especially often sang on bus rides to faraway meets or while racing around complexes after a hard practice. Although the girls’ team may have admitted the hype-heightening choruses were aggravating, the Cross Country team could still be described as cranberry relish. All the runners stuck together, supported one another and were, so to say, in it for the long run. The team ran one of their best races at the Franklin Park Zoo School where almost everyone PRed (or, in layman’s terms, ran their fastest time). Homecoming was also special because the cheers and the barks of adorable puppies filled the air. Although races were a blast with invigorating hype speeches and customary post-race Dr. Peppers for the boys’ team, Coaches Watkins and Wiberg always provided interesting practices, including running through Indian Lake and dashing to Bancroft Tower. On one of these jaunts, some team members picked up abandoned hubcaps and proceeded to run with them in hand, creating a confusing sight for any passerby. Whether they were doing sit-ups or running hard toward the finish line, the Bancroft Cross Country team dashed the competition and laughed about many running jokes.

When you look down at your Thanksgiving table, laden with delicious sights and smells, what always accompanies the turkey? Mashed potatoes? Stuffing? For the Bancroft Boys’ Varsity Soccer team, cranberry relish wins the prize. The sauce supports its spicy counterpart beautifully, adding a kick to the meal, just as the team helped each other throughout a hard fought season. Speaking of juicy, the team built upon their bond at Nick’s while enjoying roast beef sandwiches. However, just because these guys were supportive did not mean the team didn’t poke fun at one another. The favorite practical joke of the Boys’ Varsity soccer team was a collection of varied memes sent around the vibrant group chat. In addition to kidding around, the team also worked hard to make their school proud in a multitude of competitions. One of the most memorable games occurred in the pouring rain against Pingree’s team full of soccer stars. Although the Bancroft boys only had 13 guys and the field was not created with drainage in mind, they lost only by a small margin. Apparently, the awful weather spurred the team to achievement. Between enduring long practices while sprinting under the hot sun and playing in challenging games, the amount of effort the Bancroft boys’ soccer team put in probably equals the amount of turkey eaten on Thanksgiving across the United States.

The only junior varsity team in fall, Bancroft Junior Volleyball team had a season that brought all of the players closer together. Although they never organized a meeting off the court, the girls made friends with the players in different grades. They brought the hype by yelling, singing and dancing their way through the season, grabbing a couple of wins. Even though their record doesn’t reflect it, the team played really well, particularly with their game against Concord, one of the team’s biggest rivals. Their season can be described as extra yummy stuffing with delicious extra bread. Yum!

Bancroft Varsity Volleyball team had a very successful season, granting it a green bean casserole by one of the players. They had many laughs with an outing to Panera and a dinner after the senior game. They were also dubbed ‘the most hyped team’ by the Bancroft Athletics twitter, which made all of their games even better. The team earned a 10-7 record as well as third place at EILs and a ticket to NEPSACs. The team’s most memorable game was their Play for the Cure match against Concord. Three people were not able to play and one was not there, but the team still scraped together a win with their remaining seven players which put Ali, their libero, playing front row and earning herself a kill. Another memorable game was against Marianapolis, a school they had lost to earlier in the season. The girls shook that loss off and came out swinging, winning 3-0. One last memorable moment was the other team’s setter shaking her head and saying “my team” to us. All in all, the team is ready to take on semifinals of NEPSACs and is excited for their team sleepover, which should take place anytime now.

Special thanks to Clara G., Milo C., Will Z., Tristan R., Ibby A., Adelaide Z., Sam B., Max S., Erin C., Abby M., Chloe S. and Meredith G. for letting us interview you for the article.

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