Two and A Half Hours: Worth Your Time

Julianna B., Writer

Edward Snowden. Most people know the name, but not many have stopped to consider why he did what he did. The movie “Snowden” does a good job of showing the character’s progression of loving everything his country does and thinking it can do no wrong to questioning the use of U.S. surveillance methods. The beginning of the movie shows Snowden (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt)talking to his girlfriend (played by Shailine Woodley) about how he didn’t like people protesting the war outside of the White House; however, the movies ends with him questionably committing treason by leaking information to a group of journalists.

One of the highlights of the movie is the scene when he downloads information and sneaks it out of his office. They show how he had to distract his coworkers in order to download everything before putting it on a tiny hard drive that he then put in part of a rubik’s cube. The movie also does a good job of informing watchers about N.S.A. activities.

If you have extra time (a lot of extra time: the movie is almost two and a half hours), buy yourself some watermelon sour patch kids, go to your local theater and see this movie.

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