A Year of Hamilton

Kirsten D., Writer

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It’s been a year. One year since the soundtrack of this little known show was released, first on NPR and then on iTunes. This show (you’ve probably have never heard of it) is called Hamilton: An American Musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Okay maybe you’ve heard of it…

Based on the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow about the life of this country’s first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton is a powerful and engaging musical for almost everyone. As someone who has been listening to the soundtrack since it first came out on NPR early last September and who has been lucky enough to actually see the show on Broadway, I can confirm the good reviews you may have heard. The songs in the musical show off an incredible range of different genres. From traditional show tunes to R&B to jazz to Hip-Hop and rap. I can promise there is something for everyone in this show. What makes this show even more intriguing and wonderful is the diverse cast. The majority of the actors are of either black, Latino, or Asian descent. For example, Thomas Jefferson, a key figure in American history (in the Original Broadway Cast) is played by a black man named Daveed Diggs. As Lin-Manuel Miranda has described his creation, it is “the story of America then, told by America now.”

So for those of you who are not theatre lovers and have not heard of this revolutionary show, the opening number explains how Hamilton comes to New York as a nineteen year old, which sets up the rest of the musical. The first act is the story of Hamilton’s life during the Revolutionary War: how he was involved in it, the effect it had on him, and the connections he made throughout the fight. The second act is about Hamilton’s life and role in the founding of America. The characters are all real historical figures and almost everything in the show is historically accurate.

Overall, Hamilton is a beautiful and engaging story with amazing actors, incredible music, and impressive set and light design. I would without a doubt recommend this show to anyone.

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