No Kriticism for the Kardashians

Esther B., Jonathon C., Contributors

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If asked the face of 21st century media, one catchy and star-dazzled name comes to mind: Kim Kardashian. Obviously the most famous and talked about celebrity in recent years, Kim Kardashian has managed to build a booming brand and business empire based around herself and her family. Although the whole Kardashian family appears in numerous television shows, commercials, ad campaigns, and of course, Instagram feeds, they are constantly viewed and judged as untalented, unintelligent, and (errr…) indecent. So how have these supposedly unintelligent women made themselves into some of the richest, most famous, and most influential people of the generation? Despite their bad reputation, could it be that the Kardashians are not so bad?

Since the first episode of their reality show aired in 2007, America has been actively keeping up with the Kardashians for twelve seasons and counting. The family has started two clothing lines, written a handful of books, one song, and been on the cover of practically every major magazine. With a healthy 9-digit net worth, it is safe to say the Kardashians have achieved success. But people, especially in the older generation, believe this success is unearned. They see the Kardashians as plastic props who are undeserving of fame, money, and recognition. They turn their eyes away from the fact that the Kardashians obviously do have intelligence and charm, because if they didn’t, how have they become so wildly powerful? Yes, the Kardashians are beautiful, but they are more than that. They are famous because they display positive family values, promote a different (and previously unpopular) body type, and have single-handedly changed the style and fashion industry. Kim Kardashian is perhaps the only person who had her sex tape leaked and used it as an opportunity to become an international symbol of sex, beauty, and confidence, pioneering a movement of women embracing their sexuality. Her curvy figure and ethnic beauty opened the world to an idealized image that did not involve being 90 pounds and bleach blonde.  They have made a living, and then some, off being themselves and marketing it, and I’m sure we all wish we had the brains and charisma to do that, too.

So next time you hear someone utter the term Kartrashians, ask them if they are cute and funny enough to eat a Kit Kat on film and get paid. Truth is, the Kardashians’ success could run circles around all of us.

Except for Rob. No one likes Rob.

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